Service Offering


For Teams / Organizations:


  • Mindset Change – discover in a full-/or half-day workshop how you can shift your way of working to increase your resilience, agility, innovation, collaboration and engagement across your team or company and learn valuable tools that will help you sustain this high-performing new perspective.


  • Discover Your “Why” – take your team one a guided journey to untangle your organization’s history and players to uncover your deeper purpose and create a storyline around your why that will serve as a base for designing your employee experience and increase your unique employer identity


  • Boost Your Talent Strategy – get a full assessment of your current approach to talent acquisition, retention and engagement, benchmark it against the practices of international thought-leaders, and let me help you to implement a strategy that will work for your unique business


For Individuals:


  • Integral Coaching – start your journey to understand your current patterns and how they might inhibit your success, learn how to start breaking free of them by approaching your life from a full-circle perspective, take on your inner critic and grow into your full potential.


  • Promotion Boost – new role, new responsibility, new life. Not always easy to manage without cracking in performance or losing credibility. Let me help you navigate the waters by sharing my experience as a former international leader within a Fortune 500 company and guide you on your path to discover your own leadership style that will inspire and engage anyone that works with you.


  • Career and Purpose Coaching – start to understand the underlying story of both your life and your professional career by untangling the stories of your life, identifying your unique imprint of talent, skill and passion, and designing a path to your next and future endeavors.