“Kathrin is an inspiring leader and individual, an amazing business partner that truly understands how people work and businesses grow. She has changed and molded my career and life in such a positive and unique way and for that I will be forever grateful. Whether it’s in recruiting, sales, international business strategy, training, mentoring and just having passion in what she does, she is the best of the best.”

Ai Ling Lee, Vice President, Robert Half (a Fortune 500 company)

“Kathrin’s style maintains an exceptional, unsurpassed balance between professionalism, performance focus, motivation and appreciation for each individual. She connects strong and unique personalities to a solid and unbeatable team that stands together, even in tough environments. Starting off as a relatively small business, Kathrin developed our branch to a highly regarded role model for innovation and successful teamwork and to one of the largest entities in the country.”

Matthias Müller, Founder and Managing Director, ENITAS Germany

“Kathrin’s continued success is mostly a result of her potential to enthuse people, to build effective relationships and to inspire teams to reach a shared goal. She quickly gains respect as a leader, specialist and mentor in different and culturally diverse environments. Her leadership style is very collaborative, based on fair and thorough communication and feedback principles.

Her convincing ideas and sophisticated concepts add huge strategic and innovative value, which has positioned her as a mentor and consultant for different lines of business.

Through her focus on leadership development, she has identified and coached many managers and future leaders that today are regarded as the next generation top management.”

DeLynn Senna, Co-founder, CorEdge Talent

“Kathrin came to us with a passion and drive that was unparalleled to any of my former managers. She constantly came up with new and creative ideas, listened to what her employees had to say, and effected positive change amongst the team.”

Kevin Rapport, Managing Partner, R&R Enterprises LLC

“Ridiculously efficient is what Kathrin embodies. I had the pleasure of working with Kathrin in San Francisco for two years and was impressed by her ability to move fluidly through constant challenges. I would highly recommend Kathrin!”

Karen Warren, District President, Robert Half (a Fortune 500 company)



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